1. Hold Me

From the recording Stay Right Here



Hold me
I could get used to always being in your arms
It’s showing me a new way
Just let go and embrace the dawn
My love , My love, my love

Life can feel so bitter
Oh and sometimes it’s so sweet, oh yes it is
But in the dark. Well, it’s just you and me
Taking our time, leaving our minds
To feel so free
Living our dreams
In reality everything’s wide open

Woh, oh hoh growin’
So much joy today
Fill me up my sweet, sweet, love
This hour I question everything bringin’ me fear & pullin’ down
For our hope , for our love ,for our joy Bridge

People have called us no good
Feared us and misunderstood, but we know
It’s just a matter of time
No more being blind because darlin’

Honey, this world is beautiful
I mean standin’ in the light
I’m fallin’
I can’t see the ground, I don’t care
This moment is all I need
For our hope, for our joy , for our love
oo, oo

Don’t you know we’re standing in the, don’t you know we’re standin’ in the..
I’ve got my hope, I’ve got my joy, I’ve got my love I’m standin’
I’m standin’, standin’ darlin’
For our hope for our joy, for our love