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Many Blessings (To you)

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Many Blessings takes it cues from 60's Soul/R&B. Inspired by Soul artists like Aretha Franklin, The Sweet Inspirations and the Soul Children. The message inspired by Abraham Hicks.
Many Blessings is a song for all beliefs and non beliefs.
The vibe is vintage, soothing and a message to all of our worthiness intending to bring comfort and ease to all who hear it.
May you live in joy and peace.


Many Blessings to you
Many Blessings to you

May you live in joy and peace
May your life bring you
Everything you need
May life treat you kind
May there be abundance of goodness shining bright

Many Blessing to You
Many Blessings to You

Oh it seems just last year
We were thinking about
What it might bring
Oh the New Year
That we share together
May it bring

Oh, Many Blessings to You
Many, many blessings to you

And if some days we can’t understand
Why there can’t be peace among women and men
Oh believe in abundance that belongs to all
To us all