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New Album for 2023!!
Lisa Marshall is a Retro Soul-folk-funk, Lesbian, feminist Singer/Songwriter, multi instrumentalist & aspiring producer.
Lisa is heavily influenced by the classic Soul era of the 60's &70's from Memphis, Muscle Shoals, Atlantic Records to Motown. Her passion , in particular, is focusing on the women who helped shape the Soul sound and drawing inspiration from them.
Lisa has sung with Big Brother and the Holding Company, shared the stage and toured with Robben Ford, Koko Taylor, Barbara Lynn, Bobby Patterson, Lydia Pence of Cold Blood, and pre show for Mavis Staples and more. Her first album, 'Simple', graced the Top 5 in two European Americana charts.
You can pick up a free download or 2 at her website listed below for the full of effect of 'call and answer' harmonies, strings, horns, funky bass lines and new Retro Soul vibes.
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"She is the female Otis Redding man. I could listen to this album (Stay Right Here) all day"- Jivewired America
Peace, Love and Happiness!

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