"On a dream, on a dare, let it take you higher..."

"On a dream, on a dare, let it take you higher..."

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From Studio to Vinyl: Be a Part of This Success Story with Your Continued Donations!
Thank you to every one of you for helping me reach my initial goal! Your generosity has ensured that I can record my EP, and I’m beyond excited to share this music with you.  It’s been 12 years since my last album! Where has the time gone? 
Some of you have expressed that you preferred another method of contribution like Venmo or PayPal .  By contributing further via Venmo and PayPal through the link provided, you’ll be directly helping to bring the warmth and richness of vinyl to this EP. Your donations will also unlock a budget for promotion and marketing, ensuring that this music reaches as many ears and hearts as possible. This will give the EP the reach it deserves, and with your continued support, we can make this happen. I would love to have you on this journey so below are alternatives to do so. You will still receive the rewards that correspond to the backer amount! Every contribution ensures an exclusive invitation to join my private Facebook group, where you’ll get an insider’s look at the journey behind this EP. As a member, you’ll enjoy behind-the-scenes updates, sneak peeks at new tracks, live Q&A sessions, and the chance to connect with fellow supporters.  
I am so grateful to have your continued support! The link for those is here: https://linktr.ee/lisamarshallmusic
Thanks again! I really could not do this without all of you!
Peace & ease,
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I am confident that this album will not only be my best so far but will also capture my vision and expansive sound more authentically! After hours of dedicated courses on recording, production, promotion, and sync licensing, I now have a clear vision and direction to elevate this album to heights I haven't reached with my previous releases.

I plan to release the music one Single at a time. By pledging, you get access to the entire EP before it's released to the world.

The EP: Higher

"On a dream, on a dare let it take you higher.." 

Sonically - it's Soul Folk-funk with sprinkles of psychedelic Soul weaving One minute songs/interludes throughout creating a continuous musical experience. Imagine hearing Isaac Hayes and Betty Wright playing together on a hot summer night with the delicious Sweet Inspirations answering in harmony over hints of psychedelic soul and funk ala Sly and the Family Stone to uplifting ballads inspired by early Aretha Franklin. A lot of work has already begun on the album—2 of the songs are almost ready! 


The frequency of 432Hz is said to be mathematically consistent with patterns found in nature, such as the ratios of the orbits of the planets, the structure of DNA, and the proportions of the human body. 432Hz is my way to infuse my music with a deeper sense of connection to the universe and to tap into the transformative power of sound. By embracing this tuning, I believe I am not only creating music but also inviting listeners to experience it on a more profound level, resonating with the natural frequencies of life itself

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