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What People Say..

"...Marshall has a point of view, but she combines her power packed vocals with lyrics that have a universal appeal. When she sings “Please don’t give your hope away/Cuz there’s strength in numbers/Woah yeah,” on “Don’t Give Up” she expresses a sentiment that can be embraced by people with any dog in any fight. That might not be Marshall’s intent. But, with Stay Right Here, Lisa Marshall has put together a combination of these insightful lyrics along with solid tunes and vocals that a lot of people will relate to as if this album was made just for them."Recommended.-By Howard DukesFor the entire write up

"Just heard you for the first time on KSER in Everett. I thought wow, this is the most soulful singing I've heard since we lost Otis Redding. Superb!"
-guyfromgalax, Fan from Everett, WA. (Feb 18, 2013)

"She is the female Otis Redding man. I could listen to this album all day"- Jivewired America

We met at a networking meeting for women in music where I received a stack of CDs from hopefuls, but from the moment I pressed play on my kitchen stereoLisa Marshall stood out. The needle in the haystack of talent, in a scene recently overcome by soulful wannabes, this voice is genuine and true. Her lyrics hit home. Her guitar flows freely. Stay Right Here presents a force to be reckoned with. --Written by Charise Sowells, The Deli Magazine (.com)

"She's the little lady w/ the BIG voice! The Lisa Marshall Band takes their cues from the old school days of Soul when women more than carried their own. From Aretha to Etta to Gladys to Tina, Lisa Marshall takes it all in & churns it out true."- Luna Live (Mar 22, 2013)

".. her voice belts and soars through the building lyrics then dips to a restrained contralto for climatic lines. Hints of reverb in the production space add a subtle, creepy effect to the gospel tunes. It could almost be too crafted, but with Marshall's spellbinding voice pulling at the tempo, the album feels so organic that you can't imagine it any other way."- Rachel Dovey, Seattle Sound Magazine 

"Full, well-crafted songwriting supported by well-executed performance and strong production! -- Kerry"  Kerry Leigh, Reverbnation Fan


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  • Julie

    Julie Austin

    Love your new site, Lisa! Thank you Julie!

    Love your new site, Lisa!

    Thank you Julie!

Things and stuff..and stuff & things

AUGUST 2015 

Mondays at One-2-One Bar is the Word! 7:15pm.
Sponsored by Ambhar Tequila and a fabulous band that seems to just be expanding. Backup singers Cathy & Emily!
Percussionist Matt, and "Sock it Toomey" Jamie on guitar
Michael "Lefty" Lefkowitz on drums. Chuck Brown on Bass. With a name like that you know he owns it!
And more amazing people are coming in! 
Plus The 80H Project w/ my long time friend and incredible musician, Ady Hernandez! And also The Duck Ups!

SAT. Aug. 22nd calling out to Round Rock! at Fire In The Hole on Main St., 8pm Solo show. You know I always have some extra special songs saved for the solo shows!

SUN. Aug. 30th, 1pm. I get to play Luckenbach! With Penny Ney and Leeann Atherton!

Also, new tunes! New tunes!

Mavis Staples and Lisa Marshall  Podcast
Yup, go to the link above and that's what it says!
I am thrilled beyond thrilled!! Mavis Staples is absolutely one of my all time favorites!
She changed my life some years ago in Seattle! She made me start looking a little deeper within and want to be as  brilliant a light as I possibly could be!
Her show was a tribute to Mahalia Jackson. I wept! She was an angel on stage with intense love and joy pouring out of her not to mention that Voice!
What an honor and a thrill!
March 7th. at Paramount Theatre in Austin! I hit it at 7pm.!
(377- you know that's got to mean something)
  1. I Give Myself Away

Lisa Marshall Band Headlines Wednesdays! 

Hump Day Get Down! The Lisa Marshall Band Headlines a Wednesday residency at one of the funkiest joints in Austin, The Sahara Lounge (formerly TC's!) 10p.! Soul-funk-a-licious! 
Matt DankoJoel Lamb, & Gregory J Amani Smith

Here's what Oct.8 looks like...


The Continental Club May 22, 10p! 

I am thrilled to announce a show at one of the funkiest joints in town! Makes sense...the funk should go to the funky places! 

My band will hit the stage at 10p. with our ever evolving sound of folk/funk, garage R&B to some classic Soul, and some spices of this and that for good measure!
Joining us will be one of my Austin favorites!...Baby Atlas: delicious Funk/R&B/Rock goodness!
Plain and simple come sample some original music that will seduce and awaken you in to your 'feel-good' state of mind! We'll Take You There!
I feel so good, I gots to go sniff the flowers!

The Continental Club May 22, 10p. $7

Island Living 

Yup, I'm headed back to South Padre Island for 4 nights of playing and 4 days of playin'! The Blondes and I will be over at Laguna BOB's this Thursday (Mar. 27) through Sunday night. In preparation, I am going over some songs I have not played in a while. 
I was all fired up in the Soulwriter's Group to write a song a week. I hung in there pretty good. Got 5 new tunes out of it. But the part of me that likes to tinker in garageband, wanted to go back and add stuff and get the right tempos, etc. So I realized that although I am capable of writing a song a week, which is really great to know, I probably need more than a week to really let my creative process flow. So, there will be some new tunes flowing.
I'll be posting them in my "demo" album in Soundcloud.
Ok, the low down on the time I am playing at Laguna BOB...

Thursday Mar. 27, 8p
Friday Mar. 28, 5:30p
Saturday Mar. 28, 5:30p
Sunday Mar. 29, 7p

So, come enjoy the beautiful sunsets, best seafood on the island, a yellow fin (just gotta show up to find out what that is), a serenade by The Blonde & Me, a lovely crew of people and wickedly fun patrons!

Tiny bubbles......

Unofficial and I like it! SXUnofficial 

Every year it creeps up on me. SXSW! I'm really looking forward to it. I've got 2 tunes, and a new attitude..

Sun. Mar. 9 at Lucky Lounge, 10:30p
Wed. Mar. 12th at Oil Can Harry's, 7p (OUTlander Music Fest)

And, I plan on doing a bunch of new tunes. So, you should bring it on out to one and let me know what you person!
See you in the fun!

Heading to Ft. Worth this month.  

My first time ever playing in Ft. Worth! 
My friend Zach invited me to play at The Basement Bar opening for his band. 
I'm experimenting with the use of sme backing tracks on some of my more Isaac Hayes, Isley Brothers meets The Sweet Inspirations vibey songs.
I'm curious to 1- see how it goes over and 2- if I enjoy it as well.
If it's a success, I'll be doing it at upcoming SXSW shows.
Well, too much coffee and in need of some lunch. Plus, I'm re-recording a new song at a faster tempo. Good call on the coffee, haha!
Off to see the wizard!
Be good to yourselves and much love and happiness!

Janis Joplin Birthday Party! 

It's happening! This Sunday I will join my friends Cari Hutson and Good Co. at Saxon Pub, 10:30p to celebrate and sang some Janis! I'll be jumping up for 2 songs, and I'm not going to tell you which ones. You'll have to come hear for yourself. Then I will singing backups with Cari on some Janis and her originals! 
But, before Janis, this Friday Jan. 17th my band takes a trip to Fifi Dubois , 9:30 in San Angelo!
We got a new tune to lay on ya and working on some more for our upcoming Luna show in San Antonio Jan. 24th.
Plus, I got some video to get together. It's been a while. But ya know, I've been spending most of my time actually writing songs, and it feels amazing!!
Life is good!
Off to see the wizard...

A Song A Week and Karaoke Tracks 

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
I am enjoying the abundance of chocolate and Holday music. I can't help it, it makes me happy!
I also stepped up to a challenge that has always made me nervous... a songwriting group. Why? Because I have always thought myself to be a very slow writer. In this group, we write a song a week! Woh! It's been 2 weeks and even though this last week, I was still recording 20 min before the deadline...I'm doin it!! Yes!
Check out my new 'Music' page! I just uploaded the 2 songs and will continue to do so with every week. Plus, there's a couple of holiday tunes...
AND...I now have the karaoke versions of all the songs from the last album 'Stay Right Here' :)
And, stay tuned I think I will be adding some tunes from my band in LA years ago, Peculiar Boogie.
Plus, I have other new songs to add, and some do overs on my first album. I love my job!
Much goodness to you all!

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