1. Simple

From the recording Simple

I wrote this on the Edmonds/Kingston ferry in Seattle, WA. I put my seat back in my car sat up, sat with guitar and wrote this song.
On this recording I also recorded it myself on Garageband. I played all the instruments . Recording, playing drums, and strings arrangement is also a first.


Driving home we felt nothing wrong
I’m here to say love ain’t blind
Being with you it makes me strong
and weak at the same time
We’d follow the stars alone
to the edge of time
if we could
And it’s something so simple,
so good
No I’m not looking back,
there’s nothing here left to see
Dreams are made in the here and now,
All the hurtin’ does fade
And tonite it seems all the days are for us, are for us
Yes, I see it’s so simple ,
so good
What don’t you believe in yourself?
You got the world at your feet
Anyone ever do you wrong,
you can find shelter in me
Let’s follow the stars alone to the edge of time,
yes we could
Oh..it’s something so simple, so good
Oh yea, alright, I said now,
Something so simple