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Bring Yourself Back
music & words: Lisa Marshall

V1: What makes a heart break so slow?
What makes a mind think it’s time to go?
Sometimes a woman stands in her own way, she’s lost in the words
V2: A woman must prove to herself that she can do anything
Don’t need anyone too much one day they, might put you down
Oh and scream for her own heart
That’s been broken Chorus:
So won’t you please bring back your warm embrace
You know there’s not much more that I can take
Why can’t there be..there’s no more love lost in this world ‘Cause I am so, so, so....lost
V3: Surrounded by four walls that just don’t make any sense
To cast off these chains that I have put me in
Nothing seems right, I can’t go back to where I have been, no, no, no